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When it comes to armpits, they’re very sensitive and need lots of special attention. You can’t just lick them like that, without being careful enough and without the adequate training. So today, I’m going to instruct both you and my roomate to properly lick and worship my sweaty armpits! I just got back from the gym, so they’re extra stinky and smelly, but you shouldn’t care, cause after all…any sacrifice or effort is worth it when you do it to make your Goddess happy, isn’t that so? Well, go ahead and impress me today, little one! I want you to do your very best in following my instructions! You can lick the screen if you have to, I don’t mind lol �� just make sure you don’t touch yourself at all while you watch, because I want today to be all about me and nothing else! You will get your rewards later on, if you’re a good boy..as always!