Femdom – Lady Scarlet starring in video ‘Bastard Women’

  Lady Scarlet starring in video Bastard Women preview

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Two friends walk into a bar near closing. The bartender invites them out but they absolutely want a drink. And they always get what they want … In fact, they convince the bartender to make them two cocktails. Not happy, sippin, they point out to him that they have noticed his interest in heels. The bartender is embarrassed and they are visibly amused. They tell him to lie down at their feet and he can now do nothing against their power. So he performs. First they use it as a doormat on which to place their heels to be more comfortable and then they start stepping on it like a worm. Mercilessly. All their weight sinks on his body … And the poor bartender is obliged to promise that from now on they will not have to pay anything and every time they will be able to dispose of him as they wish. They go away like that, leaving him lying on the ground, punctured, resigned and excited …
Due amiche entrano in un bar in prossimità della chiusura. Il barista le invita ad uscire ma loro vogliono assolutamente bere qualcosa. E loro ottengono sempre ciò che vogliono… Infatti convincono il barista a far loro due cocktail. Non contente, mentre sorseggiano, gli fanno notare di essersi accorte del suo interesse verso le scarpe con il tacco. Il barista è in imbarazzo e loro visibilmente divertite. Gli dicono di sdraiarsi ai loro piedi e lui ormai non può nulla contro il loro potere. Così esegue. Prima lo usano come zerbino su cui appoggiare i loro tacchi per stare più comode e poi iniziano a calpestarlo come un vermiciattolo. Senza pietà. Tutto il loro peso affonda sul suo corpo… E il povero barista è costretto a promettere che da ora in poi non dovranno più pagare nulla e tutte le volte potranno disporre di lui a loro piacimento. Se ne vanno così, lasciandolo sdraiato a terra, bucherellato, rassegnato ed eccitato…


Castità – Lady Scarlet, FOOTJOB AFTER CHASTITY

  Lady Scarlet FOOTJOB AFTER CHASTITY preview

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Today is a big day for my slave: I kept him in chastity for a long time and his loaded balls testify to it but he was good and the time has come for the right reward. Off the cage from his small, soft cock, off my heels and I start touching him and taking his cock between my bare feet. He can’t resist me, I feel it, and slowly the erection I was expecting arrives: I continue to masturbate him and control his pleasure. Abstinence seems to have had a retarding effect on him so I increase the pace, lubricate with spit first and then oil. I start to get bored so I give him the last 60 seconds before leaving him there with his balls loaded. But under threat the slave gives in and finally explodes, squirting all the sperm on my feet.
Oggi è il grande giorno per il mio schiavo: l’ho tenuto a lungo in castità e le sue palle piene lo testimoniano ma è stato bravo ed è arrivato il momento della giusta ricompensa.Via la gabbia dal suo cazzo piccolo e moscio, via i miei tacchi e inizio a toccarlo e prenderlo tra i miei piedi nudi. Non può resistermi, lo sento, e lentamente arriva l’erezione che aspettavo: continuo a masturbarlo e a controllare il suo piacere. L’astinenza sembra aver avuto un effetto ritardante su di lui allora aumento il ritmo, lubrifico con saliva prima e olio poi. Inizio a essere stanca, gli concedo gli ultimi 60 secondi prima di lasciarlo lì con le palle piene. Ma sotto minaccia lo schiavo cede e finalmente esplode schizzando tutto lo sperma sui miei piedi.


Rubber – Lady Sara Volts starring in video ‘Shining – Complete Film’ of ‘Femme Fatale Films’ studio

  Lady Sara Volts starring in video Shining  Complete Film of Femme Fatale Films studio preview

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Lady Sara Volts demands that her outfit shines from head to toe, starting with her viciously heeled leather knee boots, moving up to her latex dress. The slave does a mediocre job and dares to touch her skin, whether by accident or not, his penance is extreme and Lady Sara clearly takes a great deal of pleasure from his suffering.


: Femme Fatale Films – Lady Mia Harrington starring in video ‘Mia’s Dirty Little Secret – Complete Film’ of ‘Femme Fatale Films’ studio

  Lady Mia Harrington starring in video Mias Dirty Little Secret  Complete Film of Femme Fatale Films studio preview

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Lady Mia has a dirty little secret that is locked away in her bedroom. That ‘secret’ takes the form of an anal gimp slave, who must endure a wealth of punishment and discomfort to make his Mistress smile. With an electrified ball crusher sending waves of agonising shock treatment from his testicles, he must persevere to please her. It’s not long before his cries of agony prompt a wicked smile on Lady Mia’s face and after she plunges her fingers and then an electrified butt plug up his ass, he soon becomes ready for a much bigger anal strap on test.


Bondage Male – Lady Lillith starring in video ‘Bound to be Her human Swing’ of ‘Club Stiletto’ studio

  Lady Lillith starring in video Bound to be Her human Swing of Club Stiletto studio preview

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After much effort Lady Lillith has her slave all trussed up and suspended in the dungeon. He is now her human swing. As the scene opens she is pulling on the ropes and making him move like a swing. “Now I can play with you as much as I want” she says, hopping up on him, walking across his body and then plunking her bare ass on his face. She shifts to completely cover his nose and mouth. When he starts to struggle she gives him a breath but then quickly sits on his face again. “You’re my new swing set” she says.
This clip is a unique combination of bondage, trampling, foot worship and face sitting and when Leilana starts legitimately swinging she pulls her skirt out of the way so you get a great view of her silky smooth pussy. Leilana even does some acrobatic stunts on the slave before again sitting on his face and telling him to lick up all the sweat. When she has had enough she tells him not to go anywhere as she might have some friends over later to try him out. She sets her swing in motion and walks from the room. “Don’t go anywhere” she calls back at him.


Hot Dress – Lady Iveta starring in video ‘The Punished Butler’ of ‘Sado Ladies’ studio

  Lady Iveta starring in video The Punished Butler of Sado Ladies studio preview

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To be in service of a mistress means one thing: work. More work. Endless work. And more work. So its nearly impossible to satisfy all the orders in a specific time. This time the butler failed (again) as he did not done the garden work as ordered.
Lady Iveta loves to have a nice garden that is in perfect condition as everything she owns have to be in perfect condition. So the poor butler needs some motivation it seems. He has to bend over the punishment bench and lady Iveta is armed with a huge slapper. Soon she gets into action with this instrument thrashing his backside with all the power of her right arm. Next she uses a big paddle but still she thrashes the living daylights out of him. You may think that its not too hard, cuz the butler wears leather trousers, but listen to the moaning of him and watch how hard Iveta thrashes and you know that he is in serious trouble now! And we can be very sure that his ass is now in the perfect condition as the lady wants it to be! ��


Forced Orgasm – ‘Lady Estelle and Lara Facesitting and milking of the Rubberslave’ of ‘Kinky Rubber World’ studio

  Lady Estelle and Lara Facesitting and milking of the Rubberslave of Kinky Rubber World studio preview

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The Russian Goddess Lady Estelle invited Latex Lara to come play in her Berlin Dungeon. The lucky slave for the day is fixated to the bed and getting into some intense teasing and play. Beyond lucky, because his big cock gets some good attention. Stroked with Laras shiny Boot heels, stroked by Lara`s rubberd hands while Estelle is allowing him to lick her nipple and pussy while facesitting. At the end he gets to cum with the Hitachi on his cock.