Female Domination – Bratty Bunny – Bratty Bunny Problem AKA Obsession

 Bratty Bunny  Bratty Bunny Problem AKA Obsession  preview

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You have a Bunny problem. It has happened. It’s taken over. A real addiction you cannot seem to quit. You’re always hard and stroking to me. Even at work, or next to your wife. You cannot stop this Obsession to me! I tease you endlessly. I torment your cock and mind. I’m always dancing around in your head. Just look at my hot body and listen to my words. You have a Bunny problem….. I didn’t say it was a bad thing, though. ��


Femdom – Young Goddess Kim – Welcome to Smoke slavery

 Young Goddess Kim  Welcome to Smoke slavery  preview

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you awake in My dungeon, restrained in chains. What am I going to do with you, My latest captive? Mmmm… don’t struggle, let Me help you relax. I’ll decide your fate as I enjoy a smoke. you become fixated on My lips, My tight leather gloves, My divine legs. Watch every inhale and bask in My thick white smoke as I taunt you mercilessly. you are Mine to keep now. After thoroughly teasing you, I put out My cigarette and put another to My poison lips. Now you may stroke to My mesmerizing smoke. Feel My pleasure rising as I feed on your demise. It’s too late to resist, with every last drop of your cum I will claim your mortal soul. Bewitched by My sinister smoke, you obey willingly. Welcome to Smoke slavery…
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Slave Training – WORSHIP Princess NINA – Slap your balls for me

 WORSHIP Princess NINA  Slap your balls for me  preview

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Oh, honey, don’t worry, I definitely won’t hurt you. YOU WILL! Hahahaha
You will make that useless balls of yours pay for your sins. Make them suffer! And we both know how stupid it is to avoid Mistress Nina’s demands. Sooner or later I’d find you and make you suffer even more. So you better obey and make me laugh at you! This really pleases me, seeing you down on your knees, suffering, my submissive slut! But first, let’s get your dick up, make it hard!
(This video has been published in my other clip store in the past. I’m combining the two and will only be posting in this one from now on. All the previous clips will be added into this store.)


Femdom Pov 2019 – The Princess Miki – Let Love Guide You

 The Princess Miki  Let Love Guide You  preview

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This clip is designed to put your heart at ease in times of trouble, when you are dragged away from your true purpose by your own worldly desires.
Life itself can make you feel heavy; the monotony of it clouds what it actually means to be alive. I am the light that eliminates those toxic thoughts that distract you. I am the light that heals you, that gives you strength. I eliminate the weight when you are with Me; the gravity of the world doesn’t exist when you are in My embrace.
Before meeting Me, you resorted to your vices to distract you from the pain and monotony of every day life. Now, you hear My voice, you feel the warmth, and you are anchored to your true purpose again: submission.
Your servitude to Me — and your acknowledgement of your true identity — anchors you to becoming a better version of yourself.
You want to be better for Me. Not just a better submissive; a slave; a pet… but a better individual. You want to make Me proud, and that is now your drive.
You do this because you love Me. Even when your servitude is dedicated to My happiness, My happiness directly translates to your own.
You love Me, you need Me, and you are better because of Me.
I remind you what it means to be alive.
“Abolutely Breathtaking. This is everything I could have hoped for and more. Just as I thought I couldn’t be any deeper under Princess Miki’s euphoric spell, She graces my senses with this masterpiece.
From Her soothing voice & captivating words, to Her exquisite direction & beautiful effects, Princess Miki crafts a sublime, relaxing atmosphere that I was able to totally settle & surrender in, allowing my mind to become blissfully enchanted.
A true testament to the heart & soul that Princess Miki puts in to Her work, this piece ascends to heavenly heights and has redefined what I previously perceived ‘Femdom POV’ to be. One does not simply “watch” this “clip”, they undergo an intense spiritual experience that cleanses one of their worries and leaves them happily yearning for nothing more than to humbly kneel before Her.”
Website: WorshipPrincessMiki


Flexibility – The Princess Miki – I am your Sex Life

 The Princess Miki  I am your Sex Life  preview

892 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:12:06

I’ve singlehandedly ruined your sex life. Well, it depends on your definition of “ruined,” as nothing else has felt this sexually fulfilling. Being My little stroke puppet, and feeling the power I have over you, feels absolutely incredible.
This has meant you have surrendered ownership of your cock, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, that throbbing, leaking cock? It’s Mine, and you know it.
I now dictate what arouses you, when and how you can stroke. This excites you, even if it means a lot of extreme teasing and denying. You don’t even think about sex, or even about stroking to vanilla porn, thanks to Me.
Whether or not you get to orgasm doesn’t matter anymore. You just want to stroke your cock and go deeper into this rabbit hole of obsession.
You are My jerk zombie, and that is your sex life.
Website: WorshipPrincessMiki


Femdom – The Princess Miki – Drool for BBC

 The Princess Miki  Drool for BBC  preview

949 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:12:52

You don’t just want to worship cock. You want to bow down to the most superior cock of all. You used to feel inferior to big, beautiful black cocks, and you still do. But now, that sense of inferiority has turned into lustful obsession and all you can think about is worshipping, sucking and fucking BBC.
Drool and make a mess all over yourself as you look back and forth between your tiny white cock cock and the huge, hung, gorgeous black cocks on this screen.


Femdom Pov Online – The Princess Miki – DRONE

 The Princess Miki  DRONE  preview

1.56 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:21:42

** NOTE: Listen to the audio preview of this clip with headphones.
To experience this intensely mesmerizing clip at its full potential, it is highly encouraged that you view it in a completely darkened room, silencing all devices, and wearing high quality headphones. You will get lost in My words and dro wn in My voice through carefully layered binaural beats and a whisper track that will make you feel as though My breath is on your ear. **
You are already enamored by Me, you adore Me, and perhaps… you even love Me. I have already influenced your life in such powerful ways, and the idea of that is something you find wildly erotic. You want My power over you to grow, and for Me to take total control of your mind, body, and soul.
That’s why you’re here. I’ll warn you of the effects of this programming, that this may result in My total takeover, but the warning itself turns you on. You want to give yourself over to Me.
You were probably drawn to Me initially because of My beauty, My feminine sex appeal… general physical attributes that make your cock hard. But now, you’re even more drawn to Me, and it’s not because of any of that. You are turned on by My power, My influence, and you’ve gotten to a point where contributing to My joy and happiness is sexually fulfilling.
As erotic as this all is, it’s transcends mere eroticism. I’ve given you purpose, and I’ve given you a reason to exist. You exist to serve Me, and you’ve never felt more fulfilled in your life. It’s thrilling to be My useful, devoted worshipper.
You want to keep sliding down this rabbit hole I set up for you. You want Me to go deeper, and deeper, and deeper into your mind. I assure you, I will. You want this to be real, so I will make it very, very real.
You want the effects of this to be permanent. You want to be in My embrace forever, and you want to dedicate yourself to My joy and happiness to a new level. To do this, I will completely infiltrate your mind, to wipe your old self clean to create a perfect, mindless drone for Me.
You want to be programmed. That’s why you’re here.
Website: WorshipPrincessMiki


Slave Training – Stella Liberty – Leather Service Demands

 Stella Liberty  Leather Service Demands  preview

769 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:11:32

Learn to give into your addiction to me, and me alone. You’re fueled by your need to submit to a leather Domme, and you know that leather service comes at a price. It means giving in and submitting to me at any hour of the day. Anytime that I call upon you, you’ll be there at the snap of my leather gloves. You’re entire life shall be devoted to making my life easier. In return for your service you can expect the privilege of my company and knowing that you work for me. The privilege of knowing that every action you take every day is for the betterment of my life and my life alone.


K2s.cc – Natashas Bedroom – Chastity Contract

 Natashas Bedroom  Chastity Contract  preview

738 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:24:10

Chastity is one of the most exciting forms of power exchange in the world of femdom. It’s such a direct form of control, so physical and so real. All you have to do is look down at your encaged dick to see proof of who owns you. It’s the thrill of having no choice but to obey my total control, even when the initial rush subsides and the desire to escape your dick prison sets in. Even when you’re begging, powerless and weak, for just one second of freedom.
You and I are going to come to a little agreement about your dick today. I’m imposing a chastity sentence on you, one that will not be a choice, but a contractual obligation. I decide the length of your denial. I determine the penalties of non-compliance, and I lay out the duties you must fulfill during your contract period. You write out the words I dictate, sign the contract, and submit it to me.
The contract is now in action. These words bind you to me. The cage slides on. The lock snaps shut…
And now I’m going to make you regret this decision. So much flesh, so much teasing, my panties slide off and you nearly explode into that cage. You really want out now, don’t you? But it’s too late to back out. You’ve signed away your dick to me.
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