Mesmerize – Valentina Fox in video ‘Little Dick Beta Losergasm’

Valentina Fox in video Little Dick Beta Losergasm  preview

719 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:09:45

“Welcome back my little dick pussy free beta male. You don’t get to have sex like a real male with that small malformed disaster between your legs. No pussy for you ever. In fact I don’t think you even deserve to masturbate like a man gets to. I want you to learn to have losergasms, where your little clitty spurts without any touch. This is how you get to have sex. No fucking, no stroking, no touching, just using your little loser brain and watching what you can’t have and never will get. I’m going to mindfuck you so bad while you sit there unable to touch your little dick, that it’s going to throb and twitch its way to orgasm lol!
So let’s start having some little dick beta sex! Stare at my body and repeat the mantras I give you without touching that swollen micropenis. I’m going to give you the most humiliating mantras to repeat while I tease you with my unattainable body. Is it twitching and throbbing? Tell me what a loser you are. Ohh yeah (laughs at what a loser we are). Tell me how tiny your dick is and how inferior you are?
Think about how a real man would be pulling off my panties, feeling the hot moisture in between my legs. Feel my lips wrapped around his big manly dick. Then that sensation of sticking it in… You are happy there are real men who can fuck me the way I deserve, the way I want, right? Give thanks for the strong, confident muscular well endowed men who make us hot brats feel submissive.
Now repeat your mantras and let’s see that sissy clitty spurt. You’re going to learn to cum from humiliation only. You don’t deserve to touch it. Just let it twitch and throb in the air until it explodes. Oh yeah it’s twitching, it’s twitching, oh there it goessss! Sissy gasm. Irrefutable evidence you are a true beta loser. That’s how you get to have sex.”
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Ass – ‘ Unhappy Customer – Instructions’ of ‘UpSkirt Jerk’ studio

 Unhappy Customer  Instructions of UpSkirt Jerk studio  preview

488 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:11:11

Your tenant Ivy is not happy about the state of the house she is living in, marks on the walls, carpets peeling up, it just isn’t acceptable. You don’t really care, not even listening as it goes because Ivy is wearing this lovely little dress and her gorgeous PUSSY is peeping out at you. Ivy knows what you are staring at and will tempt you in as long as the house gets sorted, sounds like a pretty fair deal!


Femdom – ‘Tormenting her Locked Up Slave’ of ‘Filth Syndicate‘ and ‘Kinky JOI’ studio

Tormenting her Locked Up Slave of Filth Syndicate and Kinky JOI studio  preview

896 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:12:25

Lily takes time out of her day to tell you about the man with a giant, hard dick that he thrusted deep inside of her. An alpha who’s big thick cock she shoved down her throat and choked on right before he pleased her so good. Unlike you, your tiny little cock would never be able to please her. And yet just listening to how good that man fucked your Mistress is making your tiny dick grow just a tiny bit and that cage is becoming even tighter forcing your skin to bulge out of the sides of your cage. You dick is swelling thinking about how she pressed those big breasts of hers together for him to fuck her tits really good. Don’t you just wish you could be let out? Even for just a little bit? No, you don’t deserve it. You haven’t earned it. Unlike real men who get to thrust and slap their hard cocks against her perfect, tight pussy you get to sit there with your pathetic cock trapped in a little cage and wonder just how good it would feel to be able to please your mistress. How it would feel to put your cock deep inside her perfect pussy and just fuck her holes until she came over and over again. But you see the only thing about you that pleases her is the anguish you’re in, your pain is her pleasure and knowing that little cock of yours is locked in chastity with nowhere to go is the only way you’ll ever be able to excite Lily Lane. Now put away that disgusting little thing and get out.


Jerk Off Encouragement – ‘There’s No Escape For Aroma Sniffing Junkies, You’re Just A Mindless Pumping Puppet’ of ‘Humiliation POV’ studio

Theres No Escape For Aroma Sniffing Junkies Youre Just A Mindless Pumping Puppet of Humiliation POV studio  preview

778 MB – 1280*720 – mp4 – 00:10:32

Aww are you stuck here? Is your hand stuck on your cock? Are your eyes glued to the screen? You didn’t think it was going to get this bad, did you? But that’s what happens to losers like you who become addicted. You’ve falen down the femdom rabbit hole and all you want to do is stroke your cock for hot brats while you get more and more fucked up. Take a sniff. You know you want to. You don’t ever want to go back to your boring regular life. You want to be stuck right here with me. Your life is so much better when you are stuck here. So go on, stroke it. I know you already are. And I know you love sniffing and getting so high with a hot brat on your screen encouraging you to go even deeper.
You’re not going anywhere. In fact, I want you to go deeper. I want you to go so deep that there will be no coming back from this. So get more and more fucked up for me. Don’t even think about anything else. It’s just you, me and your bottle, and my tight little body on your screen, we’re going to have so much fun. You’re going to be here for a long time, right where you belong. So grab your little magic bottle. Just the sight of me holding a bottle makes your cock throb, doesn’t it? Now sniff. Good boy. You love having your bottle in one hand and your cock in the other. Pump it loser and take another hit. You’re not going anywhere, you’re stuck here. You’re stuck exactly where you belong. And I’m not going to help you get unstuck, no, I”m just going to take you even deeper.
It’s just you, your hand, your bottle, your computer and femdom porn. There’s nothing better than that, is there? Sniff again. Fall deeper and deeper into your addiction. Look into my eyes as you sniff your bottle and jerk your cock with your other hand, just like you’ve been programmed to do. It feels so good, doesn’t it? Yes, you don’t ever want to quit, where’s the fun in that? Sniffing more and more and deepening your addiction is the rush that you crave. There’s no running away, there’s no going back to the old you. Sniff more, stroke more, and just lose yourself in your computer screen. You can’t deny your addiction. You’re stuck here. And you wouldn’t have it any other way. Even if you tried running away, you’d come crawling right back. We both know it.
This is where you belong, alone and jerking and sniffing, it’s what you deserve. It’s what you need. Just stroke and get nice and fucked up for me loser because nothing turns you on more than fucking your hand to my image on your screen. You love it when I tease you with my hot young body. You love this. You fucking need this. You’re always going to be stuck right here with your hand on your cock and your eyes on your screen. You’re just a pøpper sniffing addict, aren’t you? This is your reality. You are stuck. You can’t say no to sniffing, you can’t say no to jerking, all you can do is go deeper and deeper. Sniff. Fall deeper and deeper into your addiction. You don’t need to think, thinking is so hard, all you need to do is sniff and stroke. That’s it. Destroy yourself, get more and more stuck in front of your computer screen.
Just sniff and stroke, sniff and stroke. Feel that rush. Feel your cock throbbing in your hand. There’s nothing else that feels this good, is there? And I want you to get more and more fucked up and make sure you’re really stuck here. Sniff for me. That rush is unlike anything else. You don’t want to stop. You can’t stop. You love this. You are stuck. You’re going to be a desperate little strokaholic for hot brats for the rest of your life. This is where you belong. Keep fucking sniffing. You’re always going to be a lonely loser who can’t stay away from pøppers and stroking. Make no mistake, this is where you belong.
You’re a fucking junkie, there is no escaping. You’re always going to be right here with your dick in your hand. It’s so pathetic. There’s no hope for a jerkaholic like you. There’s no escape. You’re always going to be a pumping puppet for hot superior brats. Sniff your bottle and stroke more idiot. Go deeper. You’re such a little stroking addict for Princess. I dare you to try and run away now. You can’t, can you? You’re stuck. You’re too fucked up to leave. But we’re not done yet, not even close. You’re going to loop this clip for hours and hours and you’re going to make yourself even more stuck. You are stuck. Your addiction is only going to grow stronger and stronger. There is no escaping from where you truly belong.


Female Domination Online – The Venus Girls – Mean Brat Massage – Ash Hollywood

The Venus Girls  Mean Brat Massage   Ash Hollywood  preview

1.81 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:25:33

Smoking in your face, Pouring hot oil onto you, using her sharpen nails to scratch your skin. Making you smell her feet, her smoke and her Girdle-clad vagina. She dishes out pain while your cock gets hard. You inhale her pussy while she takes your money. Then it’s hot oil burning your penis. She makes your cock beg. Beg to cum under her control. But when you get close it’s time for her cigarette break. Keeping your cock right on the edge, oozing pre-cum until she makes you make a mess for her and she ruins it