GIANTESS SPECIAL EFFECTS – Bratty Foot Girls – Catherine Foxx, Piper, Mariah – Shrunken Under 6 Soles SFX

Bratty Foot Girls  Catherine Foxx Piper Mariah  Shrunken Under 6 Soles SFX preview

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Catherine has sneaking suspicion that her neighbor has been stealing her socks off her clothes line. So she’s invited him over to trick him along with Piper and Mariah. When she offers him a glass of water, he eagerly takes a sip only to find it was a dastardly trick to shrink him down! The three girls laugh at him as he is shrunk at their feet then Cath scoops him up and places him on her table. Seeing he loves her socks so much he must love feet too, so all three girls prop up their smelly soles in front of him and make him give each one of them a foot rub. When he gets a bot too carried away with Mariah and bites her, she knocks him off to the floor, where he meets his end crushed under a foot!