GIANTESS SPECIAL EFFECTS – Bratty Foot Girls – Nikki Next – Nikki’s Unaware Big Brother Crush

Bratty Foot Girls  Nikki Next  Nikkis Unaware Big Brother Crush preview

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Nikki’s come home expecting her brother to be there to drop her off at dance lessons. She can’t seem to find him anywhere which is strange. What she doesn’t know is hes been shrunk to a tiny man stuck in the carpet at her gigantic feet. She decides to take a seat and wait for him to get home, putting her headphones on and listening to music. He frantically tries to get her attention but accidentally gets too close to her giant foot which starts tapping on top of him, luckily the tapping isn;t too hard and the carpet prevents him from being crushed. She starts unknowingly playing with him with her toes and he gets stuck between her big toe an second toe as she lifts her huge feet onto the table to relax. He falls to the table and has to scale her mountain of a soleto get between her to to try to get her attention again, which is to no avail as she swngs her feet back to the floor. She is frustrated now that she can’t find her bro and decides to let off some steam by dancing at home instead. Her bro tries to escape but his giant little sister starts dancing all over him, her massive soles come crushing down time and time again as she has no idea what she is doing. She stops thinking she hears a car and stands right on him. It;s just the neighbors, she finally notices him, and unfortunately she mistakes him for a bug. SQUISH!