Corporal Punishment – Asian Cruelty – WHIPPED FOR BAD BEHAVIOR – The Goddess Katamura

Asian Cruelty  WHIPPED FOR BAD BEHAVIOR   The Goddess Katamura  preview

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With my slave helplessly bound to a steel bondage frame, I can and will do pretty much anything I wish with him. And what I wish to do, is make him suffer for his impertinence. An attitude adjustment is long overdue for this unruly slave, and so a good sound thrashing with my favorite new whip, which I fondly refer to as (what else) The Twisted Thrasher.
This unique whip combines both leather and rubber tails, twisted and bound into one very painful instrument of torment. Each strike is like a thousand needles cutting into the flesh, and with every strike, the twisting motion serves to lacerate the soft flesh further. In mere moments, his back is ravaged with welts, cuts and bruises, while he helplessly screams for mercy. But my Twisted Thrasher shows no mercy…nor do I.
Features: Whipping, corporal punishment, Asian, Custom, BDSM, female domination, goddess worship, humiliation, bondage