Extreme Domination – THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Girl Tribunal – Trial and Tribulation – Ep 1 Starring Princess Bella, Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS  Mean Girl Tribunal  Trial and Tribulation  Ep  1  Starring Princess Bella Princess Beverly and Princess Carmela preview

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When our personal slaves get out of hand we usually just simply beat them. Sometimes though, there are special circumstances which require the long arm of the law to adequately crush any resistance some of you losers at home may have to our Dominant Authority. This idiot actually had the audacity to write her a VERY DISRESPECTFUL EMAIL. And this kind of behavior just simply can NOT be tolerated. Welcome to the first-ever recorded Mean Girl Tribunal. And whenever a slave awaits to be judged by one of us you can rest assured the verdict will never be in its favor. (Btw, this slave actually met Princess Beverly the night before the shoot IRL so she could lock him up in chastity and keep the keys with HER to make SURE he showed up the next day at Our shoot for his “judgement day” LOL!)*** This slave looks completely downcast as the charges are read. The Honorable Princess Bella presides over the court, holding this scared slave to the fate of her judgement. What should its punishment be? An insulted Mean Girl makes for angry Mean Girls. We need to ensure this will never happen again. The slave needs to be made an example of. Whatever the punishment, it will surely outdo the crime. By order of the Mean Girl Tribunal it is ordered that it will suffer under the scourge of our whips. Oh, it’s offering $700 in cold hard cash? Princess Beverly takes the cash, no problem- but that’s not going to save it from suffering. We make it kiss our feet, look up and say thank you to each and every one of us- Princess Beverly, Princess Carmela, and myself. Its beating is about to begin. It even admitted it was GUILTY AS CHARGED! It won’t just be punished for being disrespectful- it will be made to suffer. It’s going to take more than begging for mercy, more than apologizing, more that grovelling to stop us. In this clip you’re learn the extent of Mean Girls’ wrath. ***The first half of this clip is the “trial” of the slave – which is totally real, btw – and then the second half is us beating the SH**** out of this idiot!! And we mean like for REAL. He is literally groveling at our feet, begging us for mercy and crying like a little BITCH almost the entire time we are beating him. He learned his lesson, we think. Don’t FUCK with the Mean Girls. Princess Bella