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Posted: November 29, 2021
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“You won’t make any mess in my Chambers again. Will you slave?”
My save will be punished after he has made a mess in my Chambers. In such cases, the cane is your only option.

I place my vulnerable subject on his back, strapped down, and lock him in his cock box. His response was a hilarious 10. As we both know, this will not make him change. I suggest 30 sadistic strikes to start.

I look full-bodied and sexually seductive in my black PVC hot trousers, a PVC bra, and thigh high boots.

The caning commences and I inflict six rounds of pain on my slaves, leaving them pale white with perfectly red stripes. I give him a token of appreciation for each lashing, and I make him count every painful, stinging one. My pleasure in avenging my slaves’ bad behaviour is evident. It’s a true pleasure for me to administer this punishment.

24 strokes and the chastity-cage is freed from my useless slaves’ useless hands. Because he is worthy of it, I force him to take 6 more punishments. The final round involves me imposing 12 more severe punishments on his already bruised and battered backside.

The perfect stripes running across his backside will serve to remind him of my superiority as well as his need to behave.


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