Olivia – DatesGoneWrong – A Very Unlucky St. Patricks Day (Part 1)

DatesGoneWrong  A Very Unlucky St Patricks Day Part 1  preview

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Olivia Kasady and Toby Springs is on a date at a St. Patricks Day party. The only thing is Olivia didn’t realize how much of a douchbag this guy was till he was being mean and bulling a guy at the party. Soon he is asking for a kiss and being demanding so Olivia tells him to close his eyes and pucker up. Getting all excited Toby does what she ask and before he knows it he gets smacked right across the face and dragged out of the party being scolded by his date Olivia. Not before long she has him at her house and over her knee right where he belongs. Smack after smack Toby begs for her to stop but she just keeps spanking even harder. Soon he is kicking his feet trying to hold back tears as his ass cheeks begin to look like Red apples. This so called macho man does not look so macho now over his dates knee being scolded and this is just the beginning of what she has in store for him.