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Posted: May 7, 2023
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Mistress Evilyne  Single tail punishment preview

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Just as Goddess Ezada lends Me Her boys, so do I lend Mine to Her. Goddess Ezada was in a particularly frisky mood and I had lent Her one of My trusted slaves to tease and play with. She brought him back to Me most upset, telling Me he didn’t even get a hard-on! Imagine how embarrassed I was that My slave showed Me up by not even getting stiff for the glorious beauty of My very good friend. He needed to be punished. Not only was Ezada put out, but I was embarrassed and I wanted to make certain that My slave would not let Me down like this ever again. I got out My leather whip and gave him mantras to remember: “Any friend of my Mistress is my Mistress” and “Disappointing any friend of my Mistress is disappointing my Mistress”. Could he memorise them? Of course not! He was too broken and wrapped up in self loathing. There was only one way to make sure that he memorised those mantras, and that was to whip them into him; to make him suffer until his skin was split, and until those words were etched onto his brain just as the lashes were etched onto his skin. I can guarantee you that this slave will NEVER disappoint again.


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