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Posted: May 20, 2023
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My husband, Steven, has asked me to help him quit smoking. Each morning I count the amount of cigarettes he has and put them on a dry erase board we keep in the kitchen. I count his cigarettes again before we go to bed. He receives ten swats per cigarette smoked and that number is doubled if he smoked more than the day before for twenty swats per cigarette. We discussed and agreed on this program together.
Today, when I got home, I caught Steven in the kitchen changing the number of cigarettes he had in the morning. He gave me some lame excuse as to what he was doing, which disappointed me almost as much as catching him cheating on the number of cigarettes he’d smoked.
He completely erased the number on the board, so I have no idea how many he really smoked. I will treat it as though he smoked the entire pack. Twenty cigarettes times ten is two hundred swats and he definitely smoked more than the day before so I double that to four hundred swats with the strap.
I have Steven turn around and he bends over the kitchen sink where I begin smacking him with my hand. I walk over and get the strap and discuss how many swats he’ll be getting. I lower his pants and begin with twenty swats but Steven didn’t count them. I tell him to keep track mentally or we’ll have to start over. We begin again with twenty and proceed from there.
Steven has left his cigarettes on the counter so I decide to light one up and blow the smoke in his face. He craves these so badly, he may as well have an extra dose of his own medicine. I tease and taunt him a bit, offering him a drag here and there but he refuses saying he knows I will beat him even worse if he takes one. That is the first thing he’s been right about today. Maybe he is beginning to learn his lesson after all.
When we get into the three hundreds, I decide to switch it up for twenty swats with two different wooden spoons, which he doesn’t seem to care for. I find the spoons to be ineffective and return to strapping him. All in all, he receives 400 swats with the strap on his bare bottom. I don’t think he’ll be smoking anymore cigarettes today, nor will he be sitting on anything hard.


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