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Posted: May 3, 2023
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Mistress Anna Elite Female Domineation 2022 A PAINFUL PREDICAMENT preview

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Strapped down and at the mercy of two sadistic dominatrices; a dream come true or your worst nightmare?
Miss Diana Von Rigg and I have our plaything strapped and secured to the gynae chair, he will endure many painful punishments to his most vulnerable and exposed areas entirely for our amusement. First, a cock clamp, designed to mercilessly crush an over excited appendage, much needed before we can continue onto testicle torment…
Our slave groans as I twist the metal screw to increase the pressure of the heavy clamp over his shaft. Once the clamp is secured tightly onto his cock and his erection begins to eradicate, I collect some rope to use on our slaves balls. I tie the rough rope around his testicles and pull hard. His suffering is too enjoyable to not share, I call Miss Diana over and she applies her full weight to our slaves tender testicles, once they are ready to pop she digs in her nails for maximum effect. Our slaves pain is indeed our pleasure…
We agree to allow this slave to cum, but if he would like such a privilege it won’t be easy for him. I remove the clamp from his cock, and add a spiked kalis teeth cock ring around his shaft. His cock barely fills the ring, so we encourage him to get harder to ensure a painful predicament. Miss Diana chooses the power tool with slubb attachment to help this slave reach release. She lubes up his cock and pulls his roped balls out of the way so that I can slide his cock into the silicone sleeve, this torment is about to reach a whole new level… As we switch on the tool our slave jumps out of his skin, his moans are pointless and masked by the power tool’s loud whine, showcasing its intense and merciless vibrations. Miss Diana pulls the testicle ropes tighter as I continue to stimulate the slave’s now rock hard cock with the oscillating tool.
We laugh at his predicament, struggling to cum with the painful sensations from the spiked cock ring and the pull of the rope around his testicles; it seems as though our slave is destined to only feel pain and frustration from now on…


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