Female Domination – Leather Mistress Asia – C67 – Needle Play – PA Prep Training – Complete Epic

Leather Mistress Asia  C67  Needle Play  PA Prep Training  Complete Epic  preview

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Another epic video, this is more than 30 minutes of brutal D/s Femdom action! I designed this training session to start preparing my slave mentally for his upcoming Prince Albert piercing that I plan to do personally in the middle of May 2017! He knows its coming, he knows he doesn’t have a say in whether or not he gets pierced so he has accepted his fate! As I will be performing the piercing myself I wanted some practice with needles as it has been a while since I have done any needle play. What better way to practice than on the very COCK that I OWN and will be shoving a needle through!
A friend has graciously once again agreed to let me borrow her BDSM playspace and I plan to use it to my advantage! After tying my pig to the gyno chair and completely immobilizing him, I turn the cameras on and enter the room. In the beginning my pet doesn’t know he is about to have needles shoved through his cock so after I remove his chastity device, I inform him that he is about to receive a “special treatment”. As I tease him heavily and bring his cock to full staff, I show him the first “special treatment” item, a syringe! I make him watch as I draw the liquid Viagra into the syringe, then inject it dirctily into his cock! That will keep him hard as I shove needles through his dick! After receiving his medicine, I inform him that he is going to be pierced with needles repeatedly today!
Watch as I tie his balls up and prep the area with a latex surgical style drape. Then I begin to shove 5 different needles into his cock and balls as my pet screams in pain through his gag. I shove the first two through his frenum skin just below his cock head then two more into his balls! Finally, I save the best for last, as I shove the fifth needle through the top of the head (corona) of his cock! I so love to hear my slave scream as each needle penetrates his skin!
To add insult to injury, it has been a very long time since I have taken my slave inside of me and I had told him it was time but, after he said “No” to the last needle being shoved into the head of his cock I changed my mind! “Did you just say NO to me?” I ask. “Because you said no, you don’t get to be inside of me tonight!”
After cleaning my pig up and removing all of the needles, I inform him that I am in the mood to “do some FUCKING!” then I fuck his cock by shoving a urethral sounds down it! Finally, its time to milk my pig dry. I lubricate his cock and start to stroke him. As I can tell he is about to spill his filth, I remind him that he is going to eat every drop. I make him look me in the eye as I order, “Give me your cum pet, it’s mine! It belongs to me! YOU belong to me!”
With those reminders fresh on his mind, my pig explodes sending a massive load of his filth into the air and spilling it all over the latex drape I have put down to catch the load. As with so many of my videos, this clip includes a bonus close-up of the cumshot so you get to see it from both angles!
After milking every last drop out of my slut, I skillfully suck up all of his filth with a syringe then inject it into his mouth. Not satisfied that he has eaten enough of it, I viciously rip the sounds out of his cock and also shove it into his mouth making him clean it!