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Posted: March 18, 2022
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Ballbusting Beauties  Corporate Sabotage Hard Evidence   Andrea Rosu preview

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A journalist has entered the BBB Corp’s headquarters, and made it to the top floor. In search of hard evidence on their rumored use for male slaves for labor, he walks into the CFO’s office to inspect their accounting books. Andrea Rosu (CFO) walks in to her office, just as he is about foregoing the table and leaves a folder. As soon as she sees him, she asks what he’s doing in her office. Fearful of what might happen if his cover is exposed, he quickly lies and claims that he was just hired as a slave and was here to clean up. Andrea knows that if he is telling the truth, he must follow all her instructions and go through the initial training. After giving him some basic positions, she kicks his head with her strong legs. He remains determined to learn their secrets, and he endures the brutal assault against his testicles. She demands that he fall to his knees, kiss her feet, and takes off his pants. She takes off her sharp, shiny, black high heels and reveals his nakedness until she is certain he cannot lie ….
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