Medical Fetish – Mistress_Trish – Let Out of Chastity to be Fucked With

MistressTrish  Let Out of Chastity to be Fucked With  preview

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Poor submale has been locked up in chastity for a long, long, time. So, when Mistress Trish lets him know that he’s about to be let out the slave is mistakenly extremely excited. Of course Trish is not going to let him orgasm. Instead she decides to fuck with his cock by fucking his cock with two large metal sounds. She twists and turns the first sound, sinking it all the way down his urethra, all the while teasing him that this is the only type of fucking his cock is going to receive. She also teases him by stimulating his cock a bit with the sound inside, warning him that he had better not orgasm or she will have to place him in permanent chastity by removing his balls. Because it has been so long since the slave has orgasmed he cannot help but get a bit hard as Trish touches and penetrates his cock. Unluckily for him that means he gets a second, considerably thicker, sound sunk all the way into his cock hole. Delighting in the stretched, uncomfortable, sensation that this provides for her slave Trish fucks his cock aggressively. She gyrates, taps, turns, and pulls the thick sound in and out of his poor pecker until she is satisfied that his cock has been fucked with enough. Then she promptly locks him back up in chastity. It takes a bit of “woman handling” to squeeze his aching blue balls back into the ball ring of the chastity device which Trish enjoys thoroughly. Then, because he is still a bit frustratedly hard, it takes a bit of squeezing to get his unfortunate cock back into its metal cage. Trish is determined and manages to cram both cock and balls into the chastity device and snaps her lock securely in place as the poor sub sighs in resigned frustration.