Double Domination – Torture Time – Ballet Teachers Gift

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In part one of this all-encompassing story, Madeline manages to steal the breath of all who dare listen. A cruel temptress with strict expectations only rewards those who suffer…and her star pupil has done so greatly. The two fumbling, blissfully unaware boys arrive and are immediately hanging on every word, every whisper. Madeline commands the room with her presence alone, flaunting her pupils’ immaculate form and feet. Under the spell of a master manipulator; the boys find themselves on their knees in the blink of an eye, desperately pawning for Penny’s ballet slippers… In part two of this impulse-provoking story, we find the bumbling boys still groveling at the sight of Penny’s shiny ballet slippers. When Madeline commands Will to remove the slipper, Fluffy’s sharp inhale cuts the thick tension in the air. Envious and smitten, his eyes shoot to the ground in anticipation of what’s to come. Losing his grip on reality, Will finds himself completely entrapped in Madeline’s spell, submerging his face into the foot of a superior ballerina. Where there is learning, there is punishment; and Fluffy will find that Madeline’s ability to crawl into his subconscious is unmatched. Taking humiliation and subservience to new heights, the whole class will join in this reprimand…