Ultra Hd – Brat Princess 2 – Amilia Onyx – Locks Cuck into Chastity and Tries it Out with Worship

Brat Princess 2  Amilia Onyx  Locks Cuck into Chastity and Tries it Out with Worship  preview

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Amilia is about to meet with her boss for dinner. Her husband, Marcelo, helps her dress before she leaves. Soon, Amilia will be going on a vacation with her girlfriends. She is worried that her husband will cheat on her while she’s away with the girls. Her husband assures her that he will be faithful and asks if there is anything he can do to provide her with an even greater sense of security. Amilia says that there is and introduces a chastity device. She assures him that it is just for her peace of mind and that when she returns they can discuss removing it. Marcelo brings up that they have never really consummated their marriage. No sex and now she wants him locked, too?! Amilia reminds him that he’s allowed him to perform oral on her and then lays on a guilt trip reminding Marcelo of her history with men. Marcelo agrees to do whatever his wife wishes of him. He removes his clothing and locks himself into the chastity. Amilia is so happy to see her husband locked and obeying! She takes a photo to send to her girlfriends. Amilia brags to her girlfriends that she has finally got her husband locked. She decides that she want to test out the chastity to see if her husband can get hard in it. She has her husband get on her knees and lick her pussy. Marcelo’s chastity gets tighter and he cries out! Amilia is sure that the chastity will work very effectively while she is on vacation. No erections for hubby! Amilia sweetly asks her husband for his wallet before her dinner date with her boss. He obliges and Amilia leaves with the key to his chastity and his credit card.