Fingernail Fetish – Lady Bellatrix starring in video ‘Strapped, Scratched and Bitch Slapped’

Lady Bellatrix starring in video Strapped Scratched and Bitch Slapped preview

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Decked out in red latex in My dungeon, I waste no time in beating this pathetic slave into submission. As he bends down to kiss each of My feet, I take My leather belt out and strap his bare ass. He tries to stand up, but it must be difficult while he is wearing a humbler so I bitch slap him then spit in his face as I laugh at his misfortune. After repeatedly strapping him, while he is bent down recovering I take My long fingernails and scratch My signature “Bellatrix grill” into his back. This pain slut is marking up quite nicely but I’m only getting started with him. He is moaning so much I taunt him and as him if he’s going to cry. Although he assures Me what a masochist he is, the final blow I deliver makes Me think I’ll soon see slave tears.