Humiliation – THE MEAN GIRLS CLUB – Slap-tacular Spit – Empress Jennifer and Mistress Nikkole

THE MEAN GIRLS CLUB  Slaptacular Spit   Empress Jennifer and Mistress Nikkole  preview

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Me n Nikkole want to have some FUN, so we go out in the backyard and drag one of our slaves out of its cage so we can abuse it. (and of COURSE we HAD to film it too- for OUR profit and YOUR viewing enjoyment! LOL)
Basically we just verbally abuse the sh*tt out of it and then start slapping it right across the face- and you KNOW I like to slap HARD! LOL.
Then Nikkole gets in there- and it becomes a bit of a CONTEST! Haha.
Then we just start slapping and SPITTING right in its pathetic, ugly FACE. And mocking it too while we do it of course. And the loser HAS to take it…because that is what slaves are FOR. no matter how mean we are to it- it HAS to take whatever we dish out to it so it suffers for OUR AMUSEMENT!
This is actually a pretty awesome video if your into faceslapping and spitting… ��