4k – Brat Princess 2 – Nika Venom – Uses Slave’s Face in Boyfriends Absence

 Brat Princess 2  Nika Venom  Uses Slaves Face in Boyfriends Absence  preview

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Nika’s Alpha male boyfriend calls to cancel their date night because he wants to watch the game. Nika is so horny, though. She decides that she’ll have to use her chastity slave’s face for an orgasm in her Alpha’s absence. Nika grinds on her beta’s face. She is going to use him for the orgasm that she is entitled to, Alpha or no. Only she gets to cum, of course, and the beta will remain locked in chastity. The beta must stay very quiet while Nika tries to have her orgasm so that she can imagine someone else. She holds beta’s head down and rides it until she cums. Not as satisfying as a real man’s cock, but the beta’s face will do. Nika isn’t finished yet. She wants to use beta’s face for a second orgasm. The helpless beta must oblige and lays still while his face is used for her pleasure. When she’s finished, Nika sends beta to its cage and goes back to texting her boyfriend.