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Posted: March 22, 2022
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Domina Planet  Human Goddess Jaceys Buttplug IV preview

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Goddess Jacey loves to be seated on the face of a helpless, inferior male. She loves to watch the pig struggle with breath, while also trying hard to please Her always-hungry places; namely, her pussy and her ass. She cums by cleaning and doing pussy worship but she would like to have an actual orgasm. She has appointed Her ass servant for the job.
She has the slave lying on her back, with his hands bound over his head. She is seated on top of him. She explains his task to him.

“Slave. Your job it to give me an orgasm. And then, many more on an ongoing basis. The G-Spot for a woman is linked to her anus. This means that you will need extra deep tongue fucking and exploration of my colon. Begin by saying “Hello to your Mistress Brown” with a soft kiss.

She leans back on him, revealing Her beautiful sex. She grabs his cheeks with Her hands, and then spreads Her wide-open big ass. The slave puts a gentle, delicate kiss on the brown starfish. It causes Her to smile and say “Again!” over and over. The slave stops. She then reaches back to spread Her cheeks, causing Her anguish to grow wider. She commands him to do so:

Give Mistress Brown a deep french kiss. Now, push your tongue into the air and then swallow. Remember that I am your personal bidet and you are always on duty. Don’t put a dirty hand in my body.

After several deep soul kisses and hugs with Her assholes she commands the pigs to get on the floor and start to lick the hole. She begins rocking back on him, smothering his face and burying Him in Her ass. She tells him that he should lick harder and harder while She fucks His face with Her ans. He suddenly starts to make loud, slurping sounds. She shouts at him to swallow the water and flush the toilet.

Finally, she informs him:

“Now, you need to stick your tongue out straight. I’ll get you in my ass. Then, I will smother my face with my sex so you can enjoy my pleasure and get your tongue in depth.

She pulls Her cheeks apart. She orders him to keep his tongue straight while she supports His open mouth with her tongue. Get busy. Imagine yourself as an Anal Explorer. It’s your natural location.

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