Ass Grinding – Domina Planet, Fart Bonding

Domina Planet Fart Bonding preview

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HeadMistress Ravyn Alexa has been training a slave to be a full human toilet. She started him off as an ass kisser, which led to ass worship, which led to ass eating and anal tongue fucking. Now, She needs to take the next step if he is to be able to fully consume everything from his Owner’s beautiful body. So She wants him to start smelling – and eventually enjoying – Her flatulent emissions, Her FARTS. The slave has been chained by the hands overhead in the dungeon, in sensory deprivation to ensure he doesn’t know what’s coming. Miss Ravyn comes in and announces to the slave what is going to happen, while She fastens a big black ball gag into the slave’s mouth. She pulls down Her skirt and tells him: “You’ve been trained to be my toilet slave, but I don’t feel like you’ve been putting in much of an effort, so we’re gonna step things up today. I’m gonna make sure you don’t have a choice but to inhale every bit of my farts. The asparagus casserole I had last night is coming back to me. Let’s see how you like it the second time around. Get ready to suck it up, slave!” She attaches a leash to his collar and turns around, spreading Her perfect bubble butt into his face, She puts the leash between Her legs and pulls his head in close. “I WANT TO HEAR YOU SUCKING IT OUT OF THE AIR! I DON’T WANT A SINGLE MOLECULE TO ENTER MY NOSTRILS!” She blasts him directly in the nose with a wet, nasty sounding fart. He has no choice but to breathe it in deeply, as Miss Ravyn pulls even harder on the leash, pulling his face helplessly into Her ass crack, most of his head disappearing as he violently gags but can’t do a thing but smell the stench. She punishes him with fart after fart, each time making sure that his nose is inches away – or directly in contact – with Her farting (and possibly spraying) asshole. More than once She appears to fart up his nostrils, and his gagging sounds would seem to confirm that. With the gag in, the slave must swallow anything that he may throw it up – or it will come out of his nose, burning his sensitive sinuses with stomach acid. And so continues to audibly inhale fart after fart, weakening by the end and mewling for mercy, as Miss Ravyn walks out promising something “even more disgusting” when She returns. The slave just cries, slumping in his chains he must accept whatever She chooses…
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