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Posted: March 22, 2022
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Domina Planet  Dating Mistress Brown   Mistress Ravyn Alexa preview

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RavynAlexa, HeadMistress Ravyn’s ass-slave, is having a training session in thedungeon. She chains him to a sexchair, with his face underneath, so that He can fully access Her glorious 40-inch anus. So that the poor ass-kissing slave may be evaluated, graded, or punished for his actions, the slave is equipped a mobile camera.
She tells her slave that she doesn’t believe that he’s been taking His slavery to Her perfect ans well enough. She informs him that he will now be treating her as his Mistress. Her name, Mistress Brown. But she warns him not to be so quick:

“Mistress Brown has a shy nature and is a virgin. You will need a courtship approach with Miss Brown. This means you will have to bring flowers and compliment Her. Now, start nuzzling her with your nose, whispering sweet nothings in Her ear…Okay, then give Her a light, tender kiss. Now give Her some tongue…Good as a bitch!”

He begins to french kiss Her beautiful and big a**es. He tells Her how gorgeous she is, then gives Her tender, deep french kisses. Miss Ravyn is clearly enjoying this more and more. She begins to bounce up and down on the assailant’s face, making it seem more enjoyable. When his tongue isn’t quite far enough out, she flogs his cocksand balls, making the slave scream in agony. Only to receive a mouthful from her ass, which cuts off his airway.

She spreads Her big smile wide, making sure that his pointed tongue penetrates deep into the sanctum of Her colon. She yells repeatedly at him to keep his tongue tight and clean.

She places Her huge ass down and smothers her to close the clip.

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