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Posted: March 22, 2022
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Domina Planet 2021 Queen Angelina online Human Buttplug VII preview

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Queen Angelina meets with Her slave. He is chained on his stomach on a bondage table, waiting for Her entrance. She announces to her slave:
“For your next job, you’re going be worshipping my perfect ass slave. I would like to feel your tongue cleaning and swabbing my rectal cavity. First of all, you shouldn’t go into the deep end. Get her to feel good, kiss, hug, and stroke your nose.

He is able to climb on top of her and feel Her generous hands in his face as she strides across his body. He begins to cry, as she clutches his cock and ball for emphasis. However, he quickly understands the message and starts kissing her purple-colored, round ass. She quickly gets tired of all this, and she pulls the. Panties are thrown aside to reveal Her brown starfish. She asks him repeatedly to lightly kiss it. Then she commands him to do this:

“I want the tip of your tongue to gently tickle my anus. Make Her open up to You, just like a flower.

He began to do so, and then she commands him:

“Tongue fuck your ass, slave. Your slave tongue will not leave my mouth. You’re going to be my human buttplug. It is so soothing, especially after it has been used many times.

He begins to thrust his tongue into Her brownish-colored hole, pleading it in and outside of the hole. She moans and rocks back and forth onto him, making the hole temporarily disappear. He gasps for air as She rocks back from his face. But he isn’t going deep enough. This is what she likes:

“IN AND OUT SLAVE SLAVE IN AND OUT! If you do not dare to take your tongue out or stop, you will get more of the flogger.

He sits on his head while she rocked back onto her face. She rests her breath and catches Her breath. He is literally pinned underneath Her with his tongue stuck deep within but no way of breathing. He starts to struggle but She warns him not stop for even a second.

He gasps for his breath as he finally rolls back. He is now ordered by her:


He does. She raises her ass back up, slides down onto his tongue and his head disappears. She continues this process until he’s a gasping, wheezing mess. Finally, she settles on him and he stops migrating as the clip ends.


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