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Posted: June 25, 2022
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 Domina Planet  Fart Torture Training   Goddess Carla Cain and Princess Xara  preview

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Goddess Carla Cain is teaching a class at Femdom University on Fart Torture, to Puerto Rican Princess Xara. She has an experienced fart slave chained and blindfolded to a sex sofa. Goddess Carla starts off explaining to Princess that extreme fart torture, with forced inhalation and smothering, is vital if full toilet training is the goal of the slave’s owner. Princess Xara indeed does want Her slave to consume all of Her bodily gifts and so is an eager student.
Goddess Carla demonstrates by spreading Her gorgeous round 40-inch ass open to expose Her puckered starfish. She keeps grunting to try and get a fart out – they just returned from lunch, as is the requirement for fart training, along with a diet recommendation list to ensure optimal intestiinal gas. She finally does rip a small one and then smothers the slave quickly, ordering him to breathe in deeply and that this is what will show him his place – as a toilet for superior Women that will eventually consume everything that comes from their Goddess bodies. She then rises up and gives him a series of wet sounding blasts, directly into his face and mouth. You can see Her asshole expand and contract and he chokes and gasps, but is then smothered again, forcing him to inhale nothing but the noxious series of farts that he has had pumped into his sinuses. She does this once again before turning things over to Princess Xara.
Princess Xara tells Her Instructress:
“I’m Ready To Dominate”
As She climbs onto the face of the lucky slave, She spreads the cheeks of Her tight young ass, exposing Her cute little hole – which blasts the slave directly up his nose with a nasty sounding crackle. He screams in disgust and She immediately plops Her ass and pierced pussy down onto his face, trapping Her ass gas in his face and forcing him to inhale every bit of it. She screams at him to enjoy it and thank Her for being given the privilege to sample Her insides – even if it is the inside of Her colon! She treats the slave to more farts and smothers him them before Goddess Carla comes over to give the slave a truly overwhelming experience – dual farting asses.
Goddess Carla rips one, followed by Princess Xara – over and over, with the slave gasping and pleading for mercy. The slave inhales so many farts it makes you wonder how he manages not to puke. His choking and retching tell the tale, but he manages to keep it down – to avoid the wrath of Goddess Carla who warns him not to puke if he wants to ever breath again. It doesn’t get much more hardcore than this as the slave is blind and completely unable to avoid ingesting whatever these cruel Dommes emit from their superior assholes.


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