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Posted: May 1, 2021
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Domina Planet  Human Buttplug MP4 preview

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Round Ass Domina Face Sitting
Mistress Winnie’s slave is has failed at most tests and the only job he is good at is licking Her dirty asshole. So, She has the slave blindfolded and chained on his back on a sofa bed. She walks in wearing just a pair of sexy, low-cut PVC zipper shorts. She climbs on top of the prone, hooded slave and tells him:
“Slave, the only real use I have for you is as my asshole cleaner and butt plug. I love having my ass eaten and fingered, especially when I’m getting fucked by a big-cocked young stud. I want your tongue to be at least 3 inches up my asshole at all times. We’ll start off with 15 seconds, but eventually you’ll be able to keep your tongue extended deep in my rectal cavity for a half hour. Now begin”
She pries Her ass open to reveal Her puckered asshole. He extends his tongue, tentatively, Her anus opening like a blossoming flower. She tells him to keep his tongue out and straight, and slides Her asshole back onto his tongue as it disappears deep inside. She groans at the feeling, rocking back and forth slowly. The slave starts making gagging sounds but She screams at him:
“Keep your fucking tongue inside my asshole, slave! Get it back inside, NOW!”
She smashes him with the flogger on the thigh, and, howling in pain he extends his tongue back into the dark cavern. She settles back down, putting Her full weight onto his face and keeping his jaw painfully pried open so that he cannot move his mouth or his tongue which is being pinched by Her sphincter muscles, locking it inside. She starts rocking back and forth, moaning, clearly enjoying what She is doing to Her pathetic, ass-eating slave.
She lets him breathe again and orders him again with the now familiar:
Over and over, giving him longer and longer countdowns. But She isn’t satisfied with the depth of his tongue probing, She wants him to tickle Her colon.
So She takes a large weight lifting belt that She has placed under his head (unbeknownst to the sensory-deprived slave) and grabs either side of it. Pulling it up tight against Her ass, She his head and anally-extended-tongue, more deeply into Her ass and anus. He howls in pain and humiliation at being treated this way, but She just pulls harder to shut him up.
Finally She lets him out to breathe, warning him – it’s about to get a lot worse. She starts holding him in with the belt for longer and longer periods of time and he cannot move an inch, smashing his face in and out of Her little ass over and over. Finally, once he seems to be close to breaking She jumps off him and announces that She is calling some friends to come over and help…


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