Chubby – Brat Princess 2 – Romi Chase – Wrestles a Little Guy

Brat Princess 2  Romi Chase  Wrestles a Little Guy  preview

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4K Ultra HD Romi giggles as she wrestles scrawny little Ellis on her bed. The boy is so small she could flatten him! How weird it is for a girl to be bigger and stronger than a boy. Poor Ellis is humiliated as he is pushed around by the girl. He cannot fight back. Romi sits on Ellis’ chest and pins him down. She is having a lot of fun humiliating the weak boy. Ellis wants Romi to stop hurting him, but she will not. What can he really do about it? Romi traps Ellis between her thighs. He hates his life. Ellis rallies a bit to try and resist but Romi just laughs at his pathetic efforts. Ellis kicks his little feet in protest as Romi mounts his face. He cannot breathe beneath her. Romi just laughs as the boy struggles in protest. Too weak to fight, Ellis succumbs to Romi.