Crying – Pastel Goddess – Fart Cushion Smashed While Studying

Pastel Goddess  Fart Cushion Smashed While Studying  preview

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I’ve got a lottttt of studying to do for school, so I hope my fart cushion is ready. It is going to spend long hours compressed under my huge ass. I’m also a big coffee drinker–I mean, a girl needs caffeine to study–so that is naturally going to make me very gassy. My cushion is going to be able to fulfill its ultimate purpose: soaking up all of my pungent air as it slowly breaks beneath my weight.
Since I am focused on studying (for real) in this clip, there is little dialogue. Also, my fart cushion is merely an object. No real reason to try talking to it. Occasionally I give it a command like kissing my ass. Eventually I get a little bit upset though because it keeps making whimpering and crying noises like its defective. I blast gas in its face and smash it with hard butt drops to try to shut it up. I really have to concentrate because I have a big assignment to finish. I don’t have time for squirming furniture. I tell it that we are going to be here for the entire night. I mash my ass into its face aggressively until it stops making noises. Finally.