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Posted: March 22, 2022
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Domina Planet  Owned By My Teenage Ass   Goddess Destiny preview

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The 18-year-old goddess Destiny is training a slave to worship Her huge round ass. He was smothered under the cloth, and made to kiss the sweat. However, he has not yet had the opportunity to experience Her beautiful ass.
Goddess Destiny is ready to take Her slave. He’s bound up on his back with a bondage cap and tied behind him. She walks with a bra and shorts, in red metallic booty pants. He watches closely as She dances above his head with her shapely thighs. She tells her that She has done a hard workout and she wants him to lick the sweat from His sweet cheeks.

He takes long, deliberate tongue strokes to increase his cheek surface and makes sure he is not clenching his teeth. Then, she tells him:

“You’re already such a great ass-kisser that I expect to see you really show me your love and respect for my ass. Now, touch the left cheek slave ….now with your right ….now. You can kiss my anus covered in panty and press your lips on it.

“Yes Mistress, Your ass owns me, Mistress!”

He starts to lovely kiss the cheeks. Then, after a few more kisses on Her tender and panty-covered rosebud, She stands up.

“Ok slave. You did a decent job. Now, you will get a special reward.”

Slowly, she removes Her red pants to expose Her plump and juicy round ass and stunning pussy. The slave is full of desire and stutters.

“Oh, my God, thank You SO MUCH MISTRESS!” It’s been so long since I was able to enjoy this moment.

“You’d better do an excellent job then, bitch,” she replied.

She places Her ansies in his face, and instructs him not to lick but to start kissing. He starts to kiss his cheeks again, and covers them with a thousand little smooches. The right side, and then the left. He is instructed to gently and softly kiss Her puckered starfish. He slows, with great reverence and respect, places the first of millions of kisses onto Her naked anus. He murmurs in delight, she says “again”, and leans into his miserable face with Her big a$s. She begins to increase the speed at which she kisses his assholes, moving faster and faster until her face is flailing on his forehead and his head is snapping.

She commands him to lick it first, then to straighten his tongue like a cock.

“Slave. I’m going after your tongue with my anshole. Your tongue should remain fully extended. If it moves back in the mouth, it’ll make you regret.

She bounces up and onto his tongue, getting louder and more louder at his head and face. Finally, she lies down fully on his tongue, covering him in her beautiful, large sex. She starts a countdown. But she picks it up again after about 20 seconds. Finally, She reaches for his wet forehead and, smirkingly, says “bye slave,” and then leaves the scene.


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