Plumper – Mistress Kawaii – Forever Smothered 3

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My human furniture slave is waiting for me to come back yet another time smother him with my big ass. I love face sitting him because he is nothing more that a little loser who worships my ass so much, that he has no choice but to submit and surrender his entire life just to be my furniture. It’s a great privilege to be human furniture to a goddess with such a perfect big ass. So, as much as this hurts him and make it almost impossible to breathe, he seems to not have any other desire but to be underneath me. Every time I sit on his face is a chance that he might not make it and just passout altogether. My ass completely envelops his face so that it is sealed shut! Really that’s my favorite scenario. His life is over and he will do nothing but serve me and be my furniture slave for life. Just the way I like it.