Queening – Femme Fatale Films – Under My Cunt – Super HD – Complete Film. Staring Divine Mistress Heather

 Femme Fatale Films  Under My Cunt  Super HD  Complete Film Staring Divine Mistress Heather preview

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Having a slave totally immobile, with his head, arms and legs clamped in place, there entirely at my disposal does get me going! Add to that the feel, sense and smell of skin tight latex and this slave got a real treat sniffing my wet cunt and licking my sweaty latex covered ass! His ordeal was to contain himself, to hold his orgasm until given permission, but with the grinding of my cunt over his face I could feel the uncontrollable twitching of his cock as he desperately tried to hold back. With the vibrator pulsating hard on his cock head, it all became too much for him, so once again this poor slave had to suffer a ruined orgasm and then gulp down his own mess…
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