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Posted: May 28, 2021
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Play Obey Princess Chic preview

1.46 GB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:24:41

Riot Starter, perfect from head to feet and beyond, rocks her Zelda gaming adventure while having her personal face seat secured, tightly locked underneath her perfect Goddess ass! Smothered tight directly where his face belongs, Riot Starter delivers consistent rounds of sexy Prolonged Face Smothering, Butt Flexing & Squeezing, Face Grinding – it’s the name of the REAL game here!
Ignoring her throne’s very existence and holding him as Utterly Smothered within her ass, Riot only offers the thin thong of her hot thong bodysuit to separate his face from total immersion! Not like it matters, since Riot’s Reverse Facesitting is so deep and thorough, that she makes his smothered face disappear in an instant!
Relentless, Riot ensures full control, then subjects her throne to three HOT facesitting scenes in this epic video – one back and out, the other two up close & personal so you can feel her power! Especially so when Riot grips her objectified throne in a pair of pulsing, powerful reverse Headscissors, each sending her face seat reeling into total panic mode as he begs breathlessly for mercy!
Riot gives him no quarter upon releasing her shockingly sexy and strong Reverse Headscissors, since she just sits right back on his face and quickly wraps her throne right back into her Face Smother’s grip – ASAP!


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