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Posted: May 26, 2023
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PlayObey 2021 Steel Buns  Starter preview

963 MB – 1920*1080 – mp4 – 00:31:11

Welcome to the first Scorching HOT entry in our brand new mega series in Gamergirl Facesitting Fitness videos! Were thrilled to honor The World Famous “Buns of Steel” workout series from the 80s, which has always been one of our all-time great inspirations here at PlayObey! Riot Starter is a glorious example of the tall, lean, sleek female form, complete with her stunning high-cut, sleek thong leotard bodysuit, headband, and leg warmers, were also given “Buns of Steel” an updated, neo-retro neon glow look! Riot Starter begins by oiling up her perfect ass, saying: “Are you ready for me? No… I didnt think so! Thats why were doing this. How else am I going to make you ready other than by training you?” After smoothing body oil over her thong leotard clad ass, Riot begins her aerobic dance flow, and continues: “Ill just get a little bit of a pump going here before I mount you…” Upon taking her throne, Riots demeanor shifts into facesitting workout instructor mode, saying: “Now, when you get into position, you want to make sure you have GREAT posture because… well it just feels right when you do it right!” Then her perfect ass secures her personal seats face deep within her smother, locked him tight, then Riot subjects her face seat to a nonstop, thrilling, and intense blend of our signature Gamergirl Facesitting mixed with our new Aerobic Face Riding Workout style! She thrusts, grinds, rides, and pumps out hard sets of high-energy Facesitting followed by deep smothering gaming cooldowns, alternating between the two styles making sure her face seat is well trained, punished, ridden, and smothered out! To think, this is just the warm up!!! XTRA: We ensured to present every glorious moment of this exquisite True Reverse Facesitting Experience to you both as originally filmed, as well as the full clip zoomed-in as a fast follow! This way you can take in every HOT moment of this Epic Gamergirl Facesitting Workout Session in full frame and in-your-face style – all at a reduced price to provide as much value straight to you! PRISMATIC: To capture every moment of this mind-blowing, high intensity Facesitting Workout, weve filmed in four simultaneous camera angles, this one being the first cameras view! More to follow and linked here – so stay tuned! Steel Buns: Depth (wmv) Steel Buns: Depth (mp4)


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