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Posted: August 6, 2021
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Pantyhose Supremacy  Pleasure Equals Pain  FULL MOVIE   Amazon Christina Skye preview

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Christina Skye is a blonde Amazon who dominates this little submissive. She runs him through a lot, including foot and shoe worship, face sitting and ball-busting. After that, she puts on her tights and jams. He then receives tongue service, and is then ridden and sucked into the chair. His load is pulled out of his mouth and snowballed down his throat by Her. It’s a humiliating end. Miss Christina, dressed in tight black baby doll and beige pants, and black strappy heels allows slave squirrel balls to sniff the pantyhose. He then grovels for her before setting his head on the mattress and drowning him. She kicks him repeatedly with the balls before directing him to take off her shoes. The Amazon giant smothers him with Her feet, straddling him. As She smiles and cradles him with Her nylons, Her perfectly manicured toes make a statement. Her perfectly manicured fingers tie her thong tightly around his ankles and she spanks the balls to make him squeal. He is excitedly smelling Her womanhood though the nylon. But Her palm is really hurting His balls. He groans as she puts his cock in Her mouth. She continues to spank him, repeatedly slapping his balls until he is screaming and then using Her excellent oral skills to keep him happy. She knows that men can tolerate a lot of pain when they’re aroused so she alternates the pleasure and pain. He is now screaming into her ass and is completely delirious beneath Her nylon-covered legs. In a final act of sexism, Mistress Christina slaps him hard, then she rotates over and exposes one side of her large, firm, natural breasts. She encourages him to take Mommy’s breasts, and then allows him to worship. The blonde Amazon stands over the little slave, with her breasts bobbling and dominating him beneathfoot. He is able to feel her swaying between his legs as Her nine and a quarter feet tall body kicks and stomps his balls. She orders him to masturbate while she controls his private parts belowfoot. He is humiliated, and begs for a bit of fucking. The Goddess is tall enough to take off Her baby doll’s nightgown and secure the rubber cock straps. He is eager to receive Her cock and obeys her orders. She tells him to lay on his stomach and penetrates from behind. After a slow and sensual fucking, she moves on to more brutal actions. Her long nails run down his back as He is kept immobilized on Her head. As Her natural breasts flail, She gives him a slap on the back as she fills his thigh with Her hard rubbery cock. She flips him onto her back and then takes him with Her cock. The next scene unfolds in the dungeon. Her exposed pink pussy is enjoying tongue service. She flips him over and moves him back to the chair. His wet pussy was satisfied so she moved him to the chair, tied his hands with white cord and placed his feet on the seat. She gently slaps the still sore balls of the slave and then squeezes her talented mouth to make it stiffer. The slave’s head snaps back against her pole as She continues to slap the tied balls. However, she coaxes the cock even harder in Her talented mouth. She posts up and falls, then she makes him worship her big breasts and makes him ejaculate. She moves between his legs again and begins to suck. He is now unable to resist the temptation of Her suction and he starts to squirm as her cheeks clench from the succion. He is too weak to resist the suction and begs Her to release him. She grants him permission, and resumes suctioning the cock. He groans, and she releases it into Her mouth. She continues to suck until the last drop is gone from his eyes.


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