Smotherbox – The Queendom – Becoming Helena’s Ass Slave Part 2 – Domina Helena

 The Queendom  Becoming Helenas Ass Slave Part 2   Domina Helena  preview

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Domina Helena has transformed this recently captured man into a compliant piece of human furniture and excellent smother slave. Helena has kept him bound and helpless for days, constantly facesitting and smothering him nearly to oblivion until his spirit was completely broken. “I”m just going to finish off my night cap, kick back, and relax” she says, slowly lowering her big, round butt on her slave’s trapped face. Helena has had a long, fun night out partying with friends and she’s for some smothering before bed. The slave has learned not to resist his Domina and does his best to endure the smothering, not that resisting is even possible. The slave’s head is clamped in place inside the smotherbox and his wrists chained to the smother bench; he is completely helpless beneath Helena! “Let’s just see how much you can handle.” Helena rolls her ass and thighs over the slave’s face, burying him beneath her as she changes between forward and reverse facesitting. “Open those eyes sweetheart,” Helena says, using her hand to force the slave’s eyes open so she can watch the slave’s panicked expressions as he smothers. “You’re trapped in there… and now just buried alive. Buried a-fucking live!” Indeed, the slave’s face completely disappears from sight when Helena closes her thighs! Eventually, when Helena has had enough fun she takes the last of her night cap and head’s to bed, leaving her smother slave bound in the smotherbox, where he will stay for the rest of his pathetic life!
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