Foot in mouth – Savage Soles – Andi Page – Gagging on Her Size 10’s

Savage Soles  Andi Page  Gagging on Her Size 10s preview

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Andi Page has big feet. “Size 10” she says to Trick, noticing his surprise as he faces her soles. “We’re gonna see how much of this you can fit in your mouth.” Andi wiggles the toes on her right foot. Not a moment later, those same toes are wiggling around Trick’s throat. He gags, and she smiles. On the floor now, Trick lays on his back while Andi exercises his gag reflex at her own pace. Her long toes thrust into and out of his mouth, each time emerging wetter than before. Beneath her, Trick gurgles and spasms, tears streaming from both eyes. Responses of this nature only excite and inspire Andi. With all 5 toes submerged, she applies pressure to her heel & holds her foot in the sniffling sub’s mouth. Muffled cries escaped him as she attempts to stretch the opening of his esophagus for the future. Relaxed but nonetheless relentless, she tortures Trick to illness with her savage size 10’s.