Foot licking – BRAZILIAN GIRLS – Dhuly’s Feet Highlighted 4 First Time

BRAZILIAN GIRLS  Dhulys Feet Highlighted 4 First Time preview

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Dhuly is a new friend of Kelly. She is a stunning brunette girl. She is tall. Her size is 5’10”. Kelly is waiting for Dhuly napping on bed. Dhuly arrives and wakes her friend. Dhuly is coming from the dance class. She complains about hurts on her big and marvelous feet size 9. Perfect. She is a very new friend of Kelly. She has a delicious body and loves all kind of fun with her friends. She has a gorgeous and soft feet. Kelly is also very cute with 18 years old, she is a very sweet blonde girl with a pretty babyface. She is also a model. They are really good friends. Both girls are naughty girls and they are always looking for different games Kelly is a foot lover and she is crazy about Dhuly’s feet. She has one of the most beautiful feet Kelly ever saw. Kelly is crazy about her and can do anything to seduce her, Kelly asks Dhuly to take care of her feet. Kelly offers a foot massage and Dhuly agree in the same moment. Kelly realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy Dhuly’s perfect feet and succulent toes. Kelly is really affectionate and her kisses and licks in Dhuly are with a lot of passion. Kelly puts Dhuly in comfortable positions and do what she like to do, girl’s caresses. Hot and passionately scenes with some close-ups makes this video perfect for fetishists.