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Posted: August 19, 2020
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Brat Princess 2  Adrienne  Abuses a Foot Obsessed Loser  preview

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Adrienne notices her brother’s dorky friend looking at her shoes and feet. What a weirdo. She tells the weirdo to take off her shoes and smell her feet. Adrienne thinks that her brother’s friend is lame and stupid, but it is very funny to her to tease him with her stinky feet. Her brother’s friend is over at their house all the time, and Adrienne thinks that he is stupid and annoying. She is going to make the little lame loser suck on her feet all the time now. Adrienne shoves her feet deeper down the loser boy’s throat. He starts simpering. Very pathetic. Adrienne is going to tell everyone about this. She is going to humiliate him with her feet all the time now. Girls do not like to be ogled and this is what loser boys get when they ogle hot girls (especially if it’s something as weird as their feet). Adrienne knows that her brother’s friend works as a grocery bagger and cashier. He makes minimum wage, but Adrienne wants everything he earns. All $350 a week. The simple boy complains and tries to fight her, but Adrienne cannot be stopped. She wants it and he’s going to give it to her. If he does not, she will get angry and no one wants to see a pretty girl angry. Adrienne bullies the boy into giving over his dignity and his paycheck. He complains that he will not have money for food, but Adrienne tells him that he can always find things in the dumpsters. Adrienne takes a few humiliating pictures of the little dork to show her girlfriends. What a loser!


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