Abused Shoes – Mistress Ezada Sinn – My personal shoe cleaning slave

Mistress Ezada Sinn  My personal shoe cleaning slave preview

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My slaves are used to cleaning My boots and shoes with their tongues: they like leather and high heels, and most pairs I have them clean I rarely wear outside. But they should be ready to clean not only fetish shoes, but also regular or sports shoes. Now that summer is almost over, I need to clean My sports shoes that I wear when I go walking or running in the park, or when I just want to feel very comfortable, I need to get them ready for storage. And what better way to clean My shoes than with the tongue of one of My slaves? I will make sure he licks them clean of all the dust and mud, until they become shiny like new. I can hear his tongue squeeking on the rubber soles. Who cares that they are dirty, and that maybe I have stepped on some unpleasant things? I know the streets are dirty, but why would I care? The slaves are here to be used, and I use Mine as I please.
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