Boot Humiliation – DomNation – Cybill Troy – MY BOOTS WILL ENSLAVE YOU

DomNation  Cybill Troy  MY BOOTS WILL ENSLAVE YOU preview

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Her desperate slave has been aching to worship Mistress Cybill Troy’s black patent leather boots for months. Whenever she wears them, his eyes are transfixed on them, and everyone in the room can see he gets aroused. Not one to disappoint, Mistress Cybill Troy is going to indulge him, but first he is going to pay dearly with his testicles as a tribute.
She has him spread his legs wide apart and proceeds to kick him in the balls as hard as she can. The look of anguish on his face only inspires her to kick him again and again. “I know how you look at them…long for them…dream of them; do you like the way they feel on your balls?”
She resumes kicking again and again untill he falls to his knees. But she doesn’t stop there. She continues to even kick him while he is crawling around on all fours. Finally, she generously extends her boot for him to lick and kiss. “Do you like the taste of your balls on my boots?” she asks while laughing and mocking him.