Female Domination – ‘Open Your Mouth’ of ‘Savage Soles’ studio

Open Your Mouth of Savage Soles studio preview

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In a winding black top looking hot as fuck, the sadist Kaia Callous shows off her side kicks and fells Charles, who is seen yelling beneath her feet, squirming as she cruelly presses down on a standing coke. She pulls his t-shirt over his head and stomps his belly and stomps it again as he tries to roll away. A vicious double heel choke and another as the cheer captain’s calves flex. A gut kick. A brutal kick to the kidney and a solid heart kick further shows the variety of skills the 20-year old has, as she relentlessly hurts the big pain slut here. Facebusting — headscissors — foot chokes — gags; as the tall and stunningly hot girl — the envy of many — makeup-less — kicks him in the ribs and makes him cry out in pain. Slaps ring as she kicks him and he flops as though without wind on a deck in another vicious throatstand, this time with his t-shirt as a a hood. She very impatiently tells him to get up; kicks him; simply says “Kneel” and he kneels. Kaia has a natural power; Scarlet Vice had it and Andi has it; here — the immediate power for 20-year-old Kaia is that to ruin a man’s throat standing on it. She locks on The Pocahontas, which the superstar made infamous here for its pain-causing quality and neighbor-shaking screams — and as no one teaches the hold in respecting the southern beauty’s singular legacy — Kaia finds it in action and further tears this poor man’s face up with her feet. A foot choke on her little throne — one brutalization after another. stomps make him scream for the above and beyond. “I said open your mouth!” she screams at him as a second warning, as he begs to avoid a heel gag and gets his ribs hurt by stomps and kicks. He is clearly afraid. Her kicks powered by gymnast and cheer legs knock him back through the air; and standing one-legged heel chokes hurt him. Ripping into his face with her Soles, slamming kicks into it as she smiles her evil smile above him in searing pain at her feet, which keep kicking him. Then she asks him if that’s really all he can take while he lie moaning in pain she inflicted — the true sadist Kaia Callous, leaving Charles (and others) looking for rib wraps at night’s end.