Foot Domination – Mistress Iside – THE FOOT GAGGING OVERFLOWING

 Mistress Iside  THE FOOT GAGGING OVERFLOWING  preview

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It’s very strange but this slave’s mouth seems to have shrunk a lot and this leaves me very puzzled. I still don’t understand why but after several foot gagging it should be wide and sufficiently elastic. Finally I have a brilliant idea, the only thing I can do is to smash directly his jaw and to do this I would say that my foot number 39 has to be trodden at the bottom of his mouth but pressing down to break his joints !!! I put him on his knees, I start to tie him by the neck in a semi-suspended position so it will be easy for me to push as much as possible. While I go on with my foot his mouth begins to fill up, he throws up, he suffers a piercing pain, he issues to emit real retching. But I almost finished and the result will undoubtedly be the one hoped for. Finally I hear the noise I wanted to hear, a fantastic snap, his jaw’s bones finally given way !!! I immediately notice the difference !!! Now my foot comes in wonderfully and his mouth looks like a second skin that fits my foot perfectly !!!