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Posted: November 29, 2022
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Savage Soles  Introducing Lyla Lamarr Pike Gag Panic preview

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After the elite Hollywood beauty who broke hearts and might have saved the world as an inventor, arrives Lyla Lamarr. At 6-feet tall in her high-heel boots, the magazine model makes Ian suck her long heels until he gags and runs for the sick bay. She laughs and sticks two middle fingers in the air, smiling her straight and white and perfect smile. She laughs making him lick the bottoms of her boots in which she’s just walked outside. Lyla Lamarr is an instant addiction — her wavy hair, her eyes wide and wide apart, in the season for memories making us recall the extreme beauty risen in the family of stores as our tenth calendar year in January begins. From the shock of the first true beauty so long ago and on to the shocking Lyla, squeaking her leather boot pulling out her bare foot. She fucks his face with unbridled enthusiasm and high fives cameragirl Andi as she makes the redhead pain-slut run unwell off-camera again. Looking at her, no one would be surprised if she got a text that she picked up a department store ad in the Sunday section while ramming her foot down Ian’s throat. She rubs her feet over his face and mouth, snakes one perfect foot around the back of his head for leverage like a pro and makes him retch and gag and just keeps foot fucking his face violently, wiping his spit off across it. She rips at his mouth. She gags him again. She wipes the soles of her feet on his face. She gags him again — she’s relentless. He runs off unwell, again, but struggles to take no less, pushing himself it seems to have his eyes leap from their sockets from a nearly perfect girl’s foot inflating his face into terrible shapes or getting squeezed as he flies away. Here, the tall model’s long, perfect toes jab into his throat as Ian holds on — suffering, the brunette beauty smiles evilly down at him, his mouth stuffed, her power growing into the extreme. His throat sounds like a drain being quickly plunged in a flurry of foot gagging. The 23-year-old controls him completely and with stark cruelty in an astounding debut each for her beauty, her spirit and her skill. Duration: 17:32


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