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Posted: August 21, 2021
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Torture Time  Sunshines Annoying Bro preview

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Sunshine Tampa is trying calmly to take care of her business and relax after a hard day. Her step-bro Elis, however, is trying to make her mad. Sunshine stops Elis from interrupting her and starts telling terrible jokes. But Sunshine notices that he is not listening. He only gets louder and more annoying until Sunshine confronts Elis. She kicks Elis to the ground, and then she instructs him sit down on the ottoman with his feet resting on it. He is instructed to smell her sweat-soaked socks. Sunshine is able to see Elis’ hesitation and tell him that she has a small video of Elis. Sunshine now has Elis where she wants, and since Sunshine doesn’t want his parents to know, Sunshine will allow Sunshine to harass and tease him. Elis begins to smell Sunshine’s socks-covered feet. He notices that her feet have a stronger vinegary aroma because she is on her feet every day at work, and not changing her socks. Elis begins to gag at the scent and continues to smell it. Sunshine tells Elis to take the ottoman out of his way and place him flat on the flooring. Sunshine then begins to rub Elis’ feet with her socks. Sunshine continues to rub Elis’ feet with her foot while taking deep, exhaling in her stinky breaths. Sunshine even recorded and photographed her bro in this precarious position to ensure she can torment him for years to come. Sunshine isn’t done torturing her step-bro. Stay Tuned to see more Sunshine nagging Elis.
Sunshine recently found a little clip of her bro, which he would almost do anything to stop their parents discovering. Sunshine uses this to make her bro her foot slave. Sunshine puts her bro where she wants and makes it clear that Elis is not the only one she should serve. She invites her Boyfriend along to share her newly acquired footbitch. They might invite him in to the bedroom and allow him to worship his feet while they are fucked in front him.


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