Goddess Worship – Young Goddess Kim – Edged for Entertainment – Goddess Kim

Young Goddess Kim  Edged for Entertainment   Goddess Kim preview

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My edging statue has it’s wrists cuffed and locked behind its back. Kept in the corner of My couch on its knees, it only moves on
My order. I revel in turning males into objects of use and entertainment. After uncuffing one arm, I put the slave to use by
licking and kissing My beautiful boot soles. It performs the task with an eager insatiable need to please Me. For My
entertainment, I allow the object to wank its hard dick while licking My boots, telling it when to stop and go. I make it stop
jerking just as it reaches the edge. Over and over again. slave object is taken into deep submissive stupor, as I verbally
humiliate it, making it beg, allowing it to worship My boots and My addictive shiny ass all while edging to My perfection. I have
to laugh at the state it’s in, so desperate to cum on My boots, leaking all over them as it continues to hump between My sole and
heel. Tortured and edged for My entertainment.
Includes: Female Domination, Boot Domination, Edging, Orgasm Denial, Tease And Denial, Boot Worship, Ass Worship, Goddess Worship,
Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation, Objectification, CFNM, Shiny Fetish, Sole Licking