Objectify – Goddess Zephy starring in video ‘Foot Worship after Workout’

Goddess Zephy starring in video Foot Worship after Workout preview

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I’m an extremely active, healthy lady and after a long session of muscle sculpting with weights and aerobics, I will be obeyed and have my sweaty, stinky feet worshiped!! dumbass is waiting on his knees for my return: ready to bow to my every command and cater to whatever mood I might be in. he’s greeted with a slap to the face and commanded to lick the bottom of my sneakers–who knows what might have been stepped in and I don’t want any crud getting on my nice floors. These shoes are like 6 years old and the reek level is legendary, and today I didn’t feel like wearing socks, so you can only imagine how grimy and stinky my feet are!!
I completely dominate lil dufus with my sweaty, super stinky feet–making him sniff, kiss and lick them clean, and suck on my toes…how humiliating! he doesn’t stand a chance against a hot, alpha bitch goddess like me, it’s pathetic. I also use his face as a footrest while I check my phone, and then finally have dumbass lick my superior feet while drifting off into a nap.
There’s a brain in there somewhere as ‘dufus’ has managed to learn that if you wish to remain at my feet , then you’d better obey my every command…I am NOT a lady that you wanna piss me off!!!