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Posted: February 16, 2022
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Domina Planet  Getting My Feet Wet   Diabla preview

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Domina Diabla’s gorgeous feet are a mess. Domina is wearing patent leather, stiletto heels, black shoes that look like a shoe, and getting ready to go for a boot and foot-cleaning session with the pig. He is nothing to Her. His sole purpose is foot cleaning. This means that he must learn to wash Her feet with hers, and to be a slave to Her.
She begins by making the pig feel the high heels of the leather patent leather. In order to remember every scent and feel of Her feet, She removes Her shoes. She asks the slave to lick and suck each toe. She points Her riding crop to Her beautiful feet and tells her slave:

“These little piggies have everything!”

Then, pointing to the slave’s caged chicken, he says:

“And this little piggy IS PATHETIC!”

He is then whipped with Her riding crop. He writhes, but doesn’t get much relief. She holds his head with one leg and shoves the other into his throat. She inserts all her perfectly placed little toes into the man’s mouth and pushes down his throat. He attempts to move away. She presses down on his throat with one foot and pushes harder into the other. She does this until the slave’s jaw is broken and he is unable to move or speak.

She moves briefly to heel popping before making him beg for it. He fails to be pathetic for Her cruel tastes and she strikes him repeatedly with the crop.

She holds him with each foot, one on each side of his throat and the other on his forehead, throat, eyes, nose, throat, throat, throat, etc. She eventually attempts to get his perfect feet down.

“Even my lowest part is greater than yours, slave. Now, spread your arms wide and see if both of them can fit in there. If not, you will learn how to pig. “OPEN NOW FOR MY FOOT”


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