Foot worship – Bratty Foot Girls – Enchantress Sahrye, Lela Beryl – Pleasing the Boss 2

Bratty Foot Girls  Enchantress Sahrye Lela Beryl  Pleasing the Boss 2 preview

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Sahrye has called in her employee Lela for her evaluation. It’s not looking good for her, she’s always late, she never dresses appropriately and she walks around barefoot in the office. She’s been so bad Sahrye tells her she might need to fire her. Lela begs her to keep her job, she tells her she’ll do whatever it takes. Sahrye thinks for a second then tells her maybe there’s one job she may be cut out for. Being her little foot bitch. She tells Lela to get down and remove her sweaty heels and start licking her bare soles. Lela is humiliated by her dominant boss and does as she says, starting by slowly kissing her feet then licking them clean. Sahrye gets really aggressive eventually forcing her to gag deep on her toes making her slobber everywhere, she will learn to be a little foot bitch if she wants to keep this job!