Foot worship – GABRIELLA – Saving Private Vigor – HARD Foot Gagging

GABRIELLA  Saving Private Vigor  HARD Foot Gagging preview

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Finally we escaped! We made a rope from seats, we escape from this prison house and we run free! But Artemis called the police to find us and we are on the run…We must cross the borders. But my brother Vigor is captured by the army and he is at the hands of a beautiful but super sadistic soldier woman…I must save him!
I am tied now in a tree and I have to watch this military bitch torturing him! She makes him suck her flat boots, pushing the boot deep into his mouth and gagging him, as his hands is in handcuffs behind his back. Then she removes the boots and she dominates him with her socks, footgagging him more. Then she stays barefoot and after abusing his face some more, she pushes deep her feet into his mouth. She kicks him on the ground, goes over him and gags him hard with her feet some more and finally she smothers him under her foot undil he . This is too cruel to watch and I know my turn is coming…