Toes sucking – Savage Soles – Riley Reynolds – Facefucked and Shunned

Savage Soles  Riley Reynolds  Facefucked and Shunned preview

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Riley lounges on a couch, phone in hand. Crawling on his hands and knees, Trick approaches her and pauses before her feet. With a flash of her pearly whites, Riley lifts a foot into Trick’s open mouth. In and out, she thrusts her size 8 1/2’s, alternating between left and right. First toes, then heels. Her heels stretch his jaw apart; just her way of training him to open wider. Both soles glisten. Saliva travels down the ball of her foot and drips off of her long toes. Still on her phone, she shifts from one position to another. Her foot slut retches, his face pink & his eyes puffy. From every angle she can imagine, she plows his face, ensuring no part of Trick’s throat is left untouched by her toes. Persistently, she fucks his face with her feet, inducing sickness too many times to count. Trick purges the entirety of his guts from his face, while Riley ignores him; only sometimes glancing down at him to laugh at his predicament.