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Posted: July 24, 2020
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Reality Girls Scissors  The Muscles Of Akira Shell  preview

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The beautiful Akira Shell slaps her biceps and quads, forcing Charles to compare his non-existent biceps with her developed ones. She invites him into her rock hard quads, slaps them like concrete and cranks on a side headscissors. She locks out her new tennis shoes and laughs as she moves to a seated figure-four headscissors, flexing again above him as he cries out in pain. “You know what’s coming, don’t you?” It’s her rear naked choke. Her arms circle his neck like a python. With every move she makes Akira’s developed arms and quads ripple. She seems to change the shape of his skull as she powers on the hold. She taunts him — tells him to countdown and pours the power on the RNC, mocks his pain as he goes to bed in her arms. A straight headscissors has him changing colors. He can’t hear anything as her muscular quads power in on his head. Another brutal RNC — he convulses in her arms as she smiles and wakes him tenderly. She’s so sweet. “You went straight to rest,” she said slapping him into awareness. She locks more brutal headscissors out then laces her big calf muscle under his chin and into his trach in a figure-four headscissors that puts him in the twilight. She punishes him in her legs, then again in her beautiful arms; she punches him in the stomach. Again he’s out in her arms as she gets in his face. Another rear naked choke, another knockout as Charles learns you don’t fuck with Akira’s arms. Front headscissors — a tight, eye-popping front figure-four he begs in as she tightens it. He gurgles in her arms and she yanks him up with tremendous power. She drops him, smiles her beautiful smile and flashes a double bicep pose with two of the more impressive arms in this thing as he moans beneath her.


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